Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Task 1 - find accommodation

I will keep this post brief, it is simply a quick guide to point you in the right direction for finding student accommodation.

I am very sure you no which university you will be attending. Maybe Cambridge or Oxford if you bare a genius. Or perhaps the University Of Nottingham to study medicine and become a life saver, mine well that was Reading University. So the first thing to do is get on Google and search for the local letting agents. there will be many and some will be better than others. Once you have a list of preferred agents you now want to check that on there website it says things like UNIPOL accredited properties - click here to find out why. In short they make sure properties are fit for use. You will also want to be sure the agent uses the Deposit Protection Scheme set up by the government, click here for more details.

Now you should have a fairly accurate list. Get on Facebook and fine tune your list by looking at university group pages in your area and see who says what a the agents. Do not be afraid to ask questions. A contract is a long time so you want to be sure you have done enough research to be happy with your choice of student accommodation letting agent. Now all you need to do is get viewing those properties.

I am sure you will see most of them on line. Get your list down to 3-5 and then book your viewings. Earlier the better because these properties are on a first come first serve basis and you will not be the only student looking for accommodation. Get your house-mates to be to come to the viewings, to often you hear of one not being there and so the rest of the group do  not sign until the missing student agrees and of course it is to late the house is gone!

I will, add further guides to this blog about the key points you should look for i n choosing student accommodation but the main ting is that you shop efficiently and reliably by choosing the best agents and starting early to avoid disappointment.

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